Weekly Highlights: Vacation Bible School 

Last week was busy! We had Vacation Bible School at church. This year it was called Illumination Station!

This is a picture of our church’s downstairs hallway. There were so many fun decorations!

This is the Merrill ministry team. They travel to churches all around and present their VBS program. We were blessed again by their hard work and enthusiasm!

Charity made this train for one of the nights to earn points for her team!

And this is a bad picture, but here Charity got an award for the character trait of availability! I was so proud of her and her hard work, learning ten memory verses during the week! She enjoyed every night very much!

And here is my eBay update. My favorite item that I found to sell last week is these pink sandals. They are Lauren Ralph Lauren and such a fun color for summer!

For my weekly recipe, I am sharing one of our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes! This recipe is unique because it uses pudding mix in it to make them extra moist! Super yummy!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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