Charity is 6!

Yesterday was Charity’s sixth birthday! We celebrated on Saturday with a spaghetti dinner (her favorite) and cupcakes!

She wanted purple frosting, and I found this Wilton cupcake decorating kit on Amazon!The birthday girl after blowing out her candle!

Then on Sunday, we had lunch at Nana’s. Charity got to blow out more candles!

Here is the present we got for her!

It is called Fort Magic and comes with different size rods that fit together to make really cool forts! 

She also got this mini cleaning set from Papa and Nana because she wanted to help sweep and mop more. 

And my parents got her several fun craft projects that I can’t wait to do with her!

I can’t believe that we have had our sweet girl for six years now! I feel like this birthday is a milestone for her as she grows from a little kid to a young lady. Happy birthday Charity! We love you!


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