Weekly Highlights: Landscaping and Fun with Water Guns

On Monday, Matt got rocks for our front flower bed! We’re planning to put a couple flower planters in there too. 

I found a submarine shirt for Micaiah! We love submarines around here because Matt was a submariner.

Tuesday was a hot day! We finally got to try out the water guns that John got for his birthday!

Charity was the most eager to get wet!

John liked it too.

And here is a random cute picture of Micaiah. I love his silly face to match his silly personality!

My favorite Goodwill find of the week is this pretty Kate Spade silk top!

And here is my recipe for the week! Per request, (Hi, Traci!) I am sharing the recipe for these Peanut Butter Energy Bites! I made these for snacks for Charity’s Wednesday night class at church. Judging from the kids’ reactions though, I would caution that these might not be super kid friendly. 😬 I thought they were a good snack though and I hope you enjoy them too! 

Thanks for reading!
Note: I am using affiliate links in my posts. I receive a small compensation for any purchase made through these links.


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