Three Things I Learned From My First Two Years of Homeschooling

I love homeschooling! After two years, here are three things that I have found to be important.

1. Have a Routine 

Routine is so important! It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to be predictable. Have a place and a time for school to be done every day. This helps the child know what to expect and discourages procrastination. This last year, we did school at the kitchen table during the little ones’ nap every day.

2. Believe in your Student!

When I started teaching Charity, I wondered sometimes if she was actually going to retain the information or if I was expecting too much from her. Each time I was surprised at how well she did! I think children can accomplish more than we think sometimes! Certainly, if your student is confused or not grasping the concept, they will struggle. But if we are diligent to keep presenting the information in different ways, they will eventually understand. We need to have confidence in their ability and patience during the process.

3. Enjoy it!

This is so important! It is hard to teach something that we are not interested in ourselves. Try to find material that you are excited about and enjoy teaching. If we approach each lesson as a fun and new challenge, chances are the student will too!

These three things have been helpful to me so far! I would love to hear advice from other homeschool moms as well! Leave a comment sharing your most important element of homeschooling!

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