Memoria Press Kindergarten Review

Charity has officially finished Kindergarten! This was our second year using Memoria Press, and we continue to be very impressed with it. In this post, I will describe the parts of the curriculum and share my thoughts about the books included in the Kindergarten set!

In Kindergarten, there are five divisions of study: Bible, Phonics, Math, Copywork, Recitation, and Enrichment. Each day’s assigned work is clearly lined out in the teacher’s manual which is so helpful!

For Bible, the lessons are a short reading from the Bible story book. 

This story Bible has beautiful illustrations!

For Phonics, the lessons are taken primarily from a set of books called First Start Reading along with Core Skill Phonics books K and 1. Each lesson usually consisted of a couple writing pages and some reading practice.

Here is the very first lesson of the year.

And the last lesson! So fun to see how much she learned in a year!

For Math, we used Rod and Staff Mathematics 1. In Kindergarten, we completed the first half of this book. In First Grade, we will work through the second half. Each lesson is two pages long and includes review of past concepts while slowly introducing new ones.

And again, here is the first lesson.

And the last! Such a big difference!

In Copywork, the student copies a Bible verse or short poem. This emphasizes learning to write neatly and carefully.

Recitation is the part of the day where the student memorizes and recites facts. Each week, a new fact is learned and added to the recitation. Charity learned so much from this, including the continents, months, planets, and more!

Enrichment includes a read aloud literature book and corresponding craft every week, a music selection, and an art flash card to learn about! The literature books can be purchased as a set through Memoria. Or, like we did, you can buy them individually on Amazon. Most are probably even available at a local library! This section is somewhat optional, depending on the time available.

Also included for part of the year are readings from this book. We really enjoyed learning about different animals!

My impression of Memoria Press is that it is a very thorough curriculum without a lot of frills. It primarily uses reading and writing as the mode of learning, versus hands on activities or visuals. Their books are interesting, but they are not extremely colorful or entertaining. This works for me because the amount of work is not overwhelming, and I can supplement with other more exciting materials where I want to. It provides an excellent backbone for my curriculum which I can flesh out on my own. We are planning to continue using Memoria Press for First Grade!

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