Weekly Highlights 4/23-4/29

Last week, Matt’s grandma cane down from Michigan for a few days. We always enjoy seeing her! Since John’s birthday is on the 5th, she gave him his present early! 

It’s a John Deere tractor!

We also got to watch my two youngest nieces for a few hours. They were so fun! Here’s Paisley giving John a sweet kiss. 😍

Recently, we hung two bird feeders in our backyard. The kids are loving watching the birds! And we got a bird guide so we know what kinds they are. It’s so cute hearing them talk about the birds and giving them personalities!

Cardinals are a favorite.

Here are two of my Goodwill finds from last week!

This dress is from J Crew. Such a classic style!

These shoes are from Born Concepts. This brand is another very consistent seller for me!

And here is my weekly recipe! This time I’m sharing a dessert recipe for a change!

This Berry Cobbler is a Paula Dean recipe. It is written for a slow cooker, but I bake it in the oven at 350 for about an hour. You just want to make sure the biscuit topping is completely cooked and not doughy. It is very yummy with vanilla ice cream!
What did you do last week?


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