Weekly Highlights 4/9-4/15

With the Kids

On Monday, Charity and John helped Matt put this brick border around our front flower bed! They loved working outside with their Daddy.The week went like normal until Thursday when we had this. . .Poor Micaiah had a fever 😢.It only lasted a day, thankfully! The other kids caught it too and rested all day Saturday. And that was the week with the kids.

Without the Kids

I spent a gift card that I got for Christmas and bought this painting for our living room! I love the white flowers.

My favorite find at Goodwill last week was these Asics shoes! It is hard to find athletic shoes that are worth selling because they are usually so worn.

Recipe of the week

This was a super easy dinner that I made last week, and it was very tasty!

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches


Chicken breasts

2 cups water

1 cup Caesar dressing

Hamburger buns

Toppings such as lettuce, tomato, etc.


Put chicken and water in slow cooker. Cook on high for 3 hours. Drain water and shred chicken. Mix with the Caesar dressing. Serve on the hamburger buns with a side of fruit!

What did you do last week?


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