Rocksbox Review #2 and a Promo Code!

A while ago I tried Rocksbox for one month and posted about it. A couple weeks ago, they offered me another free month! Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service. If you pay a monthly fee of $21, they send three pieces of jewelry for you to wear as much as you like! When you are done with them, you return them using a prepaid label that they provide. Here is what I got!Part of the fun is the pretty packaging!They include a note from a stylist with suggestions on how to wear the jewelry.First are these dangly blue earrings. I like the color of them. They are a bit longer than what I normally wear, however.Next were these stud earrings. I like these a lot! They are a fun way to add sparkle to an outfit!And last was this necklace, my favorite! I like the color and design very much.Overall, this box was a big improvement over my first! There were no damaged pieces, and I will enjoy wearing all three for a few weeks. I will still not be subscribing for another month, but it is a fun service!

If any of you would like to try a month for free, here is a promotion code for you! Just remember to cancel your account after a month to avoid paying for another month!

Promo code: briannasbff10

Thank you for reading!


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