Memoria Press Jr. Kindergarten Review

Last year, I began homeschooling my oldest child, Charity. After considering a few curricula, I decided to use Memoria Press’s Jr. Kindergarten curriculum. Some reasons that led me to that decision were the cost, the simplicity, and the depth of their material. The cost is very reasonable from what I know of other options. The simplicity is found in the illustrations and streamlined goals for the students.  The depth is the content covered over the year. The expectations are challenging but not overwhelming.

In each grade package, Memoria provides a curriculum manual. In this, there is a daily schedule, detailing the pages to be completed in each book for that day. This curriculum is meant to be done two days a week. Also, there are helpful teaching instructions and appendices including Recitation. Recitation is one of my favorite parts of this program. Each week, the student is taught a new fact (days of the week, for example) and is instructed to recite these facts at the beginning of each school day. This was challenging for Charity, but I enjoyed watching her gain so much useful information.This book is the main part of the Bible instruction for this grade level. Each letter of the alphabet is associated with a word, such as W for worship, and a short lesson is given about that word. The illustrations in this book are especially good, so much happening in each picture to catch a child’s attention.

Counting with Numbers is the first of two numbers books included in this set. It covers how to write the numbers one through ten. The second book for numbers that we used is called Into the Woods and covers numbers 11-15 as well as other concepts like first and last. However, I just noticed that this book is not in this package any more and has been substituted with another book called Colors and Numbers.

The alphabet books are very thorough in teaching how to write all the letters of the alphabet as well as the sound they make. There are fun activities in these books as well such as coloring pages and mazes.

Another big part of this curriculum is the read aloud books. These are classic children books that are read with the student, one for each week. Some examples are Green Eggs and Ham, Guess How Much I Love You, and Madeline. Charity learned who authors and illustrators are and what a copyright date is. This was her one of her favorite parts of a school day! Her favorite part, though, was craft time. Each week there is a craft corresponding to the read aloud book for that week. She enjoyed those very much.

Overall, I was very pleased with this curriculum and we are planning to use it again this year for Kindergarten!


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