Ladies’ Retreat 2010

About a week ago, on April 15-17, I attended my third ladies’ retreat at Westside Baptist Church.  All the ones I have gone to have been wonderful, but this one was particularly special because it is the last one I will get to attend before we move.  So it felt a little like a race against time to really make it count and to spend time with the wonderful ladies that were there.

The lessons really encouraged me in some areas, especially that I need to be more proactive and to think about what I want to accomplish with my life.  The theme of the lessons was Influence:  how our influence affects our husbands, children or future children, and friends.

Here are some pictures from the retreat.

This is a picture of the beautiful view from the lodge where we stayed.

This is a picture of our beautiful pastor’s wife and teacher and one of her lovely daughters.

This is a picture of me and one of my good friends, Rachel W.

And this is a picture of me and my mom who also went to the retreat.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Ladies’ Retreat 2010

  1. Thanks for sharing some of your pictures! I look forward to listening to the CDs of the retreat since I wasn’t able to make it this year. I sure will miss you, but am excited to see how the Lord will use you and Matt in this next step in your lives.

  2. I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me to attend three retreats with Brianna. I am praying for each of my children as the Lord leads them to new places. I love you daughter.

  3. I am so glad you were able to come to the retreat, maybe you can fly back next year and come? That would be great! We are looking forward to your visit on Friday!

  4. I was just looking at pictures of your senior piano recital: you were STUNNINGLY beautiful. ;] Then, I remembered that I probably forgot to tell you – I had planned to come, and remembered the night of…..a few hours too late. I’m so sorry, but I’m sure you nailed all the music, and it blessed everyone who heard it! You guys had better come back soon – what will I do without you to laugh at me when I’m being blonde? :] Love ya, Brianna!

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