Trips to Mountains Last Summer

So last summer, my husband and I took a few day-trips to some mountains in the area.  We went to Mt. Walker, Blue Mountain, and Mt. Rainier.  And here are some pictures of those trips that I want to share.

This is me at Mt. Walker.  If you look to my left, you can barely see Mt. Rainier in the distance.

This is me and my husband on Blue Mountain.

This is a pretty landscape picture.

And here I am with Matt at Mt. Rainier.

We always have a lot of fun when we go to these beautiful places.  I would definitely recommend going to these mountains to anyone who has not gone already.


One thought on “Trips to Mountains Last Summer

  1. I just found your blog! Tom and I love going to the mountains! I am glad you are going to see all the beauty of Washington before you move! You should think of everything you wanted to see and take lots of pictures because you will miss the beauty of our state!

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