For Whom the Bell Tolls – Book Summary

Today, I finished reading For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway.  It is set during the Spanish Civil War following the experiences of a young American soldier in the International Brigades when he is ordered to destroy a bridge during an attack.

This book deals with many philosophies, some that are good and some that are bad.  Good philosophies would be courage, friendship, the value of life.  Bad philosophies in this book are atheism, immorality.

Especially in this book, I noticed that the idea is promoted that if one is about to die, he should live as much as possible in the time he has.  This is a good thought as long as it is in the bounds of morals and standards.  But this book uses this idea as justification for doing things that are wrong.

Also, this book is almost entirely devoid of God.  The main character depends on himself and his wits to get him through the battle.  Many times it is stated that religion, church mean nothing.  And the God that is in minor parts of this book is not the true God.  He is portrayed as someone to be bartered with and to earn favor with.

So in conclusion, I would not recommend this book.


One thought on “For Whom the Bell Tolls – Book Summary

  1. I do not do much reading except from the Bible.

    I did just buy a book from the Love Comes Softly Series-the first one. I bought the book last week and I think I am still on the first couple of pages.

    In my Bible Reading-I am almost in Exodus and I started 2 weeks ago-ish! =)

    I have several books that I need to start reading…several several…

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