Some Random Thoughts

Well, yesterday I attempted something that was outside of my comfort zone.  And I pretty much failed at it.  The feelings that resulted were frustration and insecurity.  And, consequently, I had to deal with those feelings.  So I want to talk about that in this post, especially dealing with insecurity.

Insecurity is something we all deal with.  It usually hinges on what other people think about us.  We do something that we think is dumb, and then we worry about whether everyone is laughing at us or judging us.  It isn’t very fun, and I don’t think that it has to happen if we have the right mindset to begin with.

One good way to deal with insecurity is to remember that God knows me and my faults in more detail than anyone else ever can.  And He still loves me.  It is a love I did nothing to earn and can never lose.  I think that if we reflected on that enough, it would make us feel pretty invincible to what other people think about us.

Second, insecurity stems from pride.  Think how conceited it is to constantly be wondering what other people are thinking about me.  That thought process makes me out to be a pretty important person.  True humility is not thinking about myself.

On a lighter note, here are two pictures that I want to share with you.

The first one is of Sugar, and the second one is of Sasha, our dogs.  My husband took both pictures.  Aren’t they cute?


3 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts

  1. I have had one of those insecure days. Thank you for reminding me of how to deal with insecurity. What cute pictures of our favorite doggies.

  2. Brianna, you are a very wise woman even at a young age. Thank you for sharing this. Exactly what I needed to be reminded of tonight.

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